MOJA is an open, unrestricted space, a place for social, business and special occasions. Regardless of the situation, you will feel good here.

Who we are?

Moja Resto Bar is a modern, air-conditioned and limitless space located in the MIX office building at 8A Wadowicka street. As the only bistro, we break away from the established patterns and have never chosen to serve food from ubiquitous bain-marie!

We say NO to bain-marie!

What does it entail? Our guests orders are always freshly prepared by a team of experienced chefs using quality ingredients from trusted suppliers. Dried out, aged, or touched dishes by others at a self-service counter are simply unacceptable to us! Of course, we also provide professional waitstaff service that always enhances the venue with a pleasant atmosphere, making it a place you’ll want to visit again!

Door-to-door delivery!

Taking time and convenience into account, we have an online ordering system to make it easy and convenient to order your dinner. What’s more, we update information about the dishes and sets served every day! Check here what we serve today!

Discounts for regular customers!

In addition to discounts for regular customers, which are determined individually based on the frequency and quantity of orders, we have prepared a special offer providing a 10% discount for group orders with a minimum value of 250 PLN when using the code GROUP while ordering! Check menu right now!

We're here!

st. Wadowicka 8A
(MIX Office, entrance B, ground-floor)

Green Building Tour

st. Wadowicka 3 — 400 m / 6 min


ul. Wadowicka 6 — 300 m / 3 min

Imperial Business Center

ul. Wadowicka 7 — 350 min / 5 min

KREO Office Building

st. Wadowicka 12 — 300 m / 4 min

SAWIG Office

st. Bonarka 8 — 600 m / 8 min

Tischnera Office

ul. Tischnera 8 — 700 m / 9 min

Zamów z dostawą

Ciesz się naszym pysznym obiadem w domu i w biurze dzięki prostej i szybkiej możliwości zamówień z dostawą. Zamów już teraz, będziemy do 90 minut.

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